Troponin I test


Troponin I

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Troponin I


What Is Troponin Test?

Troponin I test – The troponin test is the latest advancement in cardiac test aids. They are more sensitive than standard aids to measure heart conditions mainly heart attacks. This is because they become positive faster and so they help diagnose heart problems rapidly.

What is Troponin I test?

A Troponin I test can measure the level of Troponin I in blood. This protein is released after damage to the heart muscles. The greater the damage to the heart, the higher the Troponin I level in the blood.

Troponin levels may be rise approximately 4 or 6 hours after heart damage. Troponin in the blood continues to remain raised up to 2 weeks thus providing a greater time range to detect the problem. In angina patients, raised Troponin levels to mean aggravation in the condition and high risk of heart failure.

However, the Troponin test should not be the only investigation to diagnose a heart problem. It should be combined with the physical examination, medical information, ECG, etc.

Limitations of the Troponin Test?

Raised Troponin T and raised Troponin I indicates cardiac problems, but this can also include causes other than heart attack like myocarditis, coronary artery spasm from cocaine, severe cardiac failure, cardiac trauma from surgery or accident, and pulmonary embolus.

  • If no rise in either Troponin levels is detected that does not eliminate the possibility of an ischaemic heart.
  • Troponin in the blood may also rise in cases of chronic renal failure. However, in heart attack, they rise and fall, but in renal failure the rise is constant.

Overall Troponin I test is more sensitive and more specific than the Troponin T test in the diagnosis of heart defects when compared to the conventional cardiac tests. So, it is emerging as the more preferred test for heart problems.

Troponin I Test result interpretations

A normal range of the Troponin I test is below 0.04 ng/mL. Troponin concentration over Troponin normal range that is at 0.40 ng/mL and higher, could be an indicator of a heart injury: Please consult a doctor. Troponin concentrations of 0.04-0.39 ng/mL may require a series of Troponin test. Over 0.40 ng/mL is well outside the Troponin normal range and needs immediate doctor consultation.

Troponin I test


  • Overnight fasting is not required but the doctor may advise fasting in some medical conditions.
  • Doctor’s prescription may be needed
  • The normal test result may vary depending on gender, age, health history, etc.

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